MPG's Description: Hey PSP888 did Your ass really have to put that there??

You is not me. It is you! The person reading this, unless you are me but then I am you and so it applies to me, but not you, but still applies to you when you are reading this.

Me = I made this wiki and am the admin
You= This is your Wiki! For you!

Since I am under the category you, it is my Wiki too! Let's all make it better!!!

For Your Sake!

This is Wiki is about you, unlike Wikipedia who is for these guys!

And Worst Wiki Ever does not care about you, but we do!


MPG wrote: Hey PSP888 did Your ass really have to put that there??

psp888 - WTF??????????????????? What??? Btw, how do u noe it's me and not the others?

MPG The first tool I use is Recent Changes, above list all pages, below site members. I dont think you need to be a mod/admin to use this tool as I used it when I was logged out on my PSP. This is handy for checking of anyone was on at all, like how I checked and found out you made changes. The next tool is more specific and if you know that there were changes made. The first one is for the whole site (Creating/Modifying/Deleting pages), this one is for a single page. The Third button in (Next to edit then tabs is History, files is next to it. If you click this it will bring up a list of every revision. If I change only one word hit save, then go and edit again and make lots of changes, these are both revisions despite how big/small. The revision starts once a user hits edit, and ends when they hit save. In this list it will show who made the revision. There are also 3 buttons. VSR. View, Source, and Revert. View show what the page looked like at the time, Source shows the wiki code, and revert goes back to that revision, ex someone goes to a page, deletes all the code I can still look at the page/source of the code, and by hitting "R" and can go back to before the vandalism occurred. Also there are radio boxed (circles to dot in), by default the last 2 revisions are selected. You can pick two revisions and hit "compare selected versions" to show the combined source of both revisions, it text has been added (not in the last revision but in this one) it will be green. If text is removed (in the last revision but not in this one) it's red and crossed out. If a word has been changed then it shows the old one taken out and the new one in. Ex. froum is replaced with [[[forum]] froum will be in red crossed out and forum will be right next to it in green.

trobby888 - lol tat doesnt answer my question y u placed "Hey PSP888 did Your ass really have to put that there??

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