The Winkey, or super as it is called in Linux, is a key that when pressed and released opens the start menu. It is also a modifier key meaning that it can be used as part of combinations with other keys, much like Shift, Alt, and Control (Command/Apple, option/alt, and ctrl on the Mac). It started appearing in the Windows 95 era with the logo at the time. When Windows XP came out the logo on newer keyboards changed, and it changed once again when Vista came out (same logo for Windows 7, so it should be the same once that's released). The key functions the same, it just shows a different logo.


How to utilize your Windows logo key for faster computing: Below are 10 often overlooked shortcuts for the Windows logo key, located in the bottom left row of your keyboard:

  • Windows Key + Tab: Switch between program windows. (Vista Home Premium or higher)
  • Windows Key + D: Minimize or restore all windows Windows
  • Windows Key + E: Display Windows Explorer Windows
  • Windows Key + F: Display Search for files Windows
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + F: Display Search for computer Windows
  • Windows Key + F1: Display Help and Support Center Windows
  • Windows Key + R: Display Run dialog box Windows
  • Windows Key + break: Display System Properties dialog box Windows
  • Windows Key + shift + M: Undo minimize all windows Windows
  • Windows Key + L: Lock the workstation Windows
  • Windows Key + U: Open Utility Manager
  • Windows Key + V: Mute the volume
  • Windows Key: Display the Start menu
  • Windows Key + M:Minimize all windows

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