Windows 3.1 and Tabworks

Windows 3.1 was a shell for DOS. It was the predecessor to Windows 95. Windows 95 introduced the Taskbar and Start Menu (opposed to Program Manager) and changed the way the Desktop worked. In the image below we see icons for Calculator and Program Manager. The icons represent minimized items, you cannot store shortcuts and files on the desktop. Windows 95 was the first to introduce this. Some people have bad habits of cluttering the Desktop with shortcuts, they should use program manager or Tabworks (see below).

In Windows 3.1 there was no "My Computer" instead you had File Manager to file files. You would run File Manger from Program Manager as well as Control Panel was run from there as well…

Windows 3.1 using Tabworks. The Windows 3.1 version allowed you to import your Program Manager Groups and the Windows 95 Version allowed you to import your start menu entries. Upgrading to Windows 95 imported program groups to the start menu. You could still use program manager in 95 upto XP SP1.
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