Windows is the program which helps to make computering easier. (Well much easier than having to use command prompt) There are different types of windows, 98, 2000, XP, Vista etc.

CTRL + Alt + Delete

If you are a user of Winblows Windoze Windows, then you will need to have only 3 keys working for common use, CTRL, alt, and Delete. Here are suggestions on making it more efficient:


XP Sux

We're sorry, but Windows XP is an exploit magnet. Perhaps some of this will be resolved in Vista, but in XP, give us a break.

Even better

Get Linux!

If u must use Windoze

Enable 4GBRAM Vista (Champ03 sent, Spam?, but we all know the way MPG is, keeps everything!
New Driver for Radion (There was also a driver for MPGs Laptop to fix the GTA San Andrea video bug, more on dat later!)
Windows Vista Memory Tweaking Guide(More Champ SPam)
Vista Boot Screen Generator
Folder Permissions in XP Home
—> cacls C:\docume~1\username\desktop /g user:r makes the users desktop folder readonly, lets them still access it and view shortcuts but not store files, handy if you wanna force users to store files else where, example on a network on seperate partition (that way as admin you dont have to worry about pulling out the files on the desktop should you have to format!)
Update Error
CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2 (Advanced User Control Panel a/k/a Users2)

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