Wikipedia Sucks

Wikipedia sucks!!! It's not even a Wiki

Funny, the one Wikipedia admin whose real-life identity I know … is now serving time for child molestation.

Yes it does.

There are Wiki-Nazi's and Wikipedia isnt a Wiki since only "higher" members can edit and everything else is vandalized, I actually have bots on my page telling me they vandalzied my work without my permisison.

Some asshole blanked my user page without my permission.

Even the name sounds dumb!!


Yeah It comes up on google way too much!

Wikipedia is trying to replace it, I dont use it anymore, I use google now, but it's annoying to have Wikipedia always appear!

If I type "TA-082 Wiki" into search and Wiki's with articles about TA-082. Wikipedia is first even though it doesnt even have an article about it (it was vandalized and made into a redirect to an unrelated article, like if you are a PSP fan and wanna know what a TA-082 is then you already know it has to do with PSP, so why would they make it redirect to the PSP article?)

My Wiki should be first and Wikipedia should not be there.

Also I made an article about Super Link and they redirected it to the Nero article, of course a person using Nero already knows it has something to do with nero, but what? All someone did is vandalize my article and redirect to to the first thing i linked to (the real article as intended to be was "Super Link is a feaure in nero").

Comment for here

Even they admit it

People who hate things shouldn't be allowed within ten kilometers of the edit button.

Umm everybody hates something. So that means no one should be editing Wikipedia.

Thanks to the NPOV policy, Wikipedians can't have opinions, even outside Wikipedia; otherwise, they might develop a habit of having a point of view, which is evil.

Everyone has a point of view and that's not evil you dumbasses

Wikipedia is not for you if…

  • You are a minority
  • You are under 18
  • You are over 18
  • You are human
  • You are an animal with the abilities of a human (read and type)
  • You like to use wiki
  • You are smart
  • You are dumb
  • You are not a 30 year old nerd who lives in their parent's basement
  • You are not facist/nazi
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