Worst Wiki Ever (a/k/a Wikipedia)

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. It is most commonly known for all the bullshit there. The first thing that comes to mind is the rampant Vandalism there. The word Wikipedia is a combination of da wordz Wiki and encyclopedia. However it is not truly a wiki as articles are deleted rather than improved and basically the only people who edit are the corrupt admins there. The average person's opinion are not aceepted when the point of a wiki is to please everyone.

Exactly the point, my shit gets deleted cuz some smart ass thinks he know more than me when he dont know shit!


This image contradicts itself, since anyone dumb enough to use Wikipedia isn't smart enough to use Linux

The crap that goes on there

"My article got deleted, therefore wikipedia sucks". "I added content to an article, which was promptly removed, therefore wikipedia sucks"
This is called vandalism. They are full of this.

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Noob <— Wikipedia is infested with these on jackass keeps vandalising my user page…
Wikipedia Sucks
Wikipedia Watch

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PSP888 (PLS SIGN!) I can't see what the problem is inside the pic.

MPG says

I just had a link in my wiki folder, along with all my wiki codes (since there is lotta vandalism on Wikipedia I keep all codes, I figured to prevent my codes form vandals dont put them on wikipedia but rather A better site!

The truth about Wikipeida

Search Results

On Google this site is doing better than any other site I have had so lets add some phrases to improve results!

WIKIPEDIA SUCKS, now when people who use Wikipedia search that they will find here and this site will solve their frustration! WIKIPEDIA SUCKS MY SHIT GETS DELETED FOR NO REASON, NEED A NEW WIKI SITE!

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