Sandisk V-Mate Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

The V-Vate is a PVR made by Sandisk. It has no internal memory or hard drive, it has memory card slots for the most common cards (SD, Memory Stick/Pro/Duo, Micro SD, etc) and writes the recorded videos to the card. Then you can take your card to your device and play. It can automatically encode for the PSP but can also make 3GP video files and MP4 files.

What sucks about it

On the highest resolution setting it makes huge files that are not comparible to TV Shows downloaded from the internet and converted for PSP, on the lowest setting the files are smaller, but still larger than converted files and look even worse. I possible solution MPG has been trying is to encode them to 3GP files and convert them or view on his PDA using TCPMP…

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