Tags help organize the Wiki pages here on BWE or any wiki, even Wikipedia can manage their overly vandalized pages with tags. When creating a page please put as many tags as possible (as long as they are applicatable!). Before applying any tag please read what each tag means (see below). To apply a tag, hit the tags button next to edit. A text field will appear. Each tag is seperated by a space. So if you would put "Under Construction" it would NOT go under a single tag "Under Contrsuction" but rather two tags one tag "Under" and the other "Construciton", this makes no sense. If you want to use tags with space then use Underscores or combine the words and use Capitals or use under scores. Ex. "Under-Contrusction" or "UnderConstruction". How ever this is a bad example as we use the stub tag instead. As far as we know it doesnt matter the order, if you put "Gangsta Stub" or "Stub Gangsta" both will have the same result and be put under the two tags "Gangsta" and the tag "Stub" as well!

What the tags mean.

bad This does NOT mean the article is bad! The article can be perfect and still have this tag! This tag means what the article is about is bad. Example Wikipedia would have this tag because of the racism and vandalism. GTAF would also have this for racism and that The Tank is a pedophile.
forum This tag is for pages about forums. PSPHomebrew.net and PSP Guides are forums so they have this tag. Main Article
gangsta This is for Gangsta stuff.
linux This is for stuff relating to Linux and any distros. Ubuntu is a distro of Linux and Wine is a Linux Program
psp These articles are related to Sony's Play Station Portable video game system. Devhook is a must have program for the [[[PSP]] and OE and CE describe the firmwares of The System, one which you should have, one which only noobs have (Except for 1.5 and 2.71/HENC or HEND, TA-082 was the evil motherboard of The system and Go Max will be a must have once Sony Doesnt make the batteries anymore! Main Article
rap Articles relating to da best form of Music ever!
stub Main Article Articles that are too short and/or need work. When applying this tab, please also add the stub section to the page!
vg Video game artcles. PSP is a Video Game system (any page with the PSP tag should have this tag to, with exceptions). Same for NDS, GBA, and NES

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