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Here we strive to be everything Wikipedia is supposed to be, what they claim to be. A wiki encyclopedia that anyone can edit, all work is respected and appreciated, unlike their's! We don't go around deleting other people's work at random and then replace it with unrelated stuff. Instead we edit and make them better.

Unfortunately we are lacking in number of active members (as you can see on the member list) and WE NEED YOU to join and help improve articles already created and also make new ones. At the moment the site has a very small number of articles relative to Wikipedia and we must change that if we want this site to be better than them. Also once you join, don't just leave and never come back, that would just mean we got members in our list who don't do anything and that's certainly not a good thing because at that rate, we will have more members than articles! If that happens this site will look really messy so don't just go away after joining.

PeAce Out, this site is "All About U " yo, like 2Pac said!

Welcome to your new site! Please read this first!

This page is just a welcome-page and you really might want to change it using the "edit" button at the bottom of this page and delete this introduction.

If you do not want to delete cotents this page, click on + options and rename/move and rename it to e.g. start0 page and start your fresh new Site then!

We have also prepared a few pages for your site to look nice from the beginning. Take a look at:

  • nav:side - left side navigation menu, edit if you wish!
  • nav:top - top navigation menu, you can edit it to make pull-down menus

Our goal it to make a site customizable as much as possible. Take a look at Site Manager to explore the options. Take a close look at Permissions section - it is very likely you would like to change default options and allow other users to contribute too!

If you are interesting in starting a forum - please see the Site Manager » Forum. Discussion forums is disabled by default.

The Site Content license has been set to Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License. Please decide if you want to change it or not.

And one more thing - your site does not have to look like that. Change the look of this site under Appearance. To preview available themes now go to the themes preview page.

You are also strongly advised to look at the documentation section at wikidot.com.

And, finally, after you set up your site and add some interesting content, make sure you go to the Site Manager » General and set the tags that would describe your site. It will be then listed in this tag cloud.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.