Speakers are designed to produce sound. The main reasons for using it is to hear sound effects which should go with a movie or animation, or listening to music or the radio. Remember that sound is produced when objects vibrate. Refer to the sound article for more information in that.

Speakers work with 2 magnets and electrons. There coil involved is the other magnet (known as the electronmagnet) and the other is a normal magnet. When electrons are added from the positive terminal of the speaker, the electromagnet becomes negatively charged. This in contrast makes the magnet move towards the positive end of the speaker because positive and negetive attract. However by doing this, the negetive end of the normal magnet steps in and repels the electromagnet. But then by being pushed back, it moves back to the position where it gets attracted by the positive end. This rapid back and forth movements causes the speaker to vibrate and thus sound is produced. The different type of sounds produced depends completely on the state of the electrons which enter the speaker.

The quality of the speaker depends on how it is made and also the way how the sound is distributed. The shape of the speaker alters the way how the sound moves around the atmosphere. The magnet involved also needs to have a more steady and smooth movement so the quality is improved.

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