Sound is only produced when objects vibrate. When you punch a wall you would notice the sound involved. Although you'll find that your hand gets hurt (Refer to Newton's third law of motion) the sound involved is also an interesting factor. The reason sound is produced is because when you punch you hand on the wall, you are exerting kinetic energy into the wall. This kinetic energy cause the wall to vibrate as well as your hand. This in contrast causes the sound energy. In actual fact, objects vibrating is the kinetic energy meaning that the kinetic energy has really been converted into sound energy. Sound can only travel through matter meaning that it cannot travel through vacuum space.

Sound travels at 340ms-1 when going through air. This is the same as 1224km/h. The speed of sound increases if it is travelling through liquid and even faster if travelling through solid. This is because when the particles are in liquid or solid form, they are very tightly held together, thus making the sound waves travel through them more easily. Note that although this is the case, when you stand outside a sealed room, you will find it quite difficult to listen to any sound being produced by any object inside the room. This is because sound waves find it rather difficult to travel from one type of matter to another. The sound in this case, must go through small gaps on doors or windows in order to travel towards your ear.

A special type of sound producer is the speaker. These actually simulate the sound involved. Audio means sound which is produced by speakers.


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