The old logo that appeared on every forum page.
This is the new one as of August 5, 2008
The logo that appears only on the main page.. is a PSP forum created by "Paul*" According to it's Archive on it was made sometime around November 2005. It is tracked down via who is to be made on September 6, 2005.

  • Out of respect his last name will not be stated although it is listed on the forums.

Paul Eventually left since he was busy and didnt have time. It was January 30, 2007 when MPG joined the site. He also was followed by Andrew [a/k/a Champ03], a guy he goes to school with who spams forums. "Champ03" has got him banned off of —- earlier before. He originally was there as xGangsta since he made a second account using his gmail address since he earlier signed up for qj and never got an email [he made a topic about this on — and then Cyanb*tch ran his mouth so it was moved to the "Hall of Shame" since he is a shame]. xGangsta only had one post here before using the account again approximately 1 year and 1 month later. MPG was worred about Champ03 getting him banned and the forum was in Choas.

Paul Eventually left since he was busy and didnt have time for this site. This was before MPG's time. He was worried since the forum was taken over by Spammers like Champ03 and that he could get banned since him and Champ03 were at the same school=Same IP so they could think that MPG was Champ03!

One of the members [Spike1320000] then made PSP Guides as a solution. He appointed mods so that things could get done. All the mods were members from!

Shortly after PSP Guides was made MPG contacted the admin {Paul}, by getting his email. He wont say now. Paul then made him and a few others mods. MPG Banned Champ and cleared somethings up, the forum is in great condition now, but needs more members!

Due to a full PM inbox RealG187 as a mod made the xGangsta account active again on Febuary 20,2008. The auto loging also has issues and having 2 accounts helps.

Empekay Incident

One of the forum users "Chemical" (also tried to remake the account "Chemical2" and is also known as chemicalffix) came back to the forums. He made a new account Empekay. He was helpful around the forums, until one day out of no where flamed moderator jo3sum (also a member of BWE) and got banned for this. MPG later came along during his next visit to the site and went to see what was going on, he had talks with Jo3sum and Empekay on IM. When he talked to Empekay he took a bad tone and started threatening MPG and the site. He made spam accounts and along with Lyer (also a BWE member) who was a user banned by Jo3sum. MPG contacted for legal advice and found that Empekay was no threat. He banned all the spam accounts and Empekay left never to be seen again, his domain was shut down saying "Account suspended: Please contact the billing department as soon as possible" as of today the domain does not exist. MPG had an IM talk with LYER and reactivated his account, but LYER said in IM that he still couldn't get one, he has never been on messenger in a long time and to this day his account is active but he is out there somewhere.

Paul returns for the second time!!

On August 5, 2008 Paul came back to the site and changed the theme. He put a new logo up
However, the site still need some changes. He updated the main page saying "MODS needed urgently! To apply please click here." and "This site is for sale, to make an offer please click here." with mailto links to his email address. MPG has sent him an email on August 10th and is waiting for a response.

Empekay Incident Part 2

A while after the site became inactive. This was due to another site stealing members. Who knows how many they stole, atleast 2, Trigger_ftu and Jo3sum. Both lied and told MPG that they didn't have time to post, but they are active on Diogo's site. They are both staff there and at this time Trigger was running for mod. MPG used a bugmenot account to see what's going on and make peace but the admin there pulled a bitch move and banned the account. this is the final post by Jo3sum.


Homebrewing PSP for N00bs Sticky by MPG

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