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The first PSP Mother Boards. PSPs from firmware 1.00/1.50 to about 2.5 had these motherboards. However, they can be upgraded to any newer firmware or Custom Firmware. The TA-079 was the motherboard for PSP. The next one is a TA-081, which numerically is a "TA-08x" but in terms of security is more of an 07x as any downgraders that were not patched for TA-082 (See below) still worked, even before TA-082s were finally figured out by Dark Alex


The TA-082 was a motherboard for the PSP. It would not run version 1.5. Devhook and HENC (or D) were the only options.

On December 27, 2006 a downgrader for 2.71+HEND was released that would downgrade a TA-082. OE could then be installed too.

Finally the 082 PSP's were as homebrew capable as the 079s!!

The 3.03 downgrader then worked for both, "patching" 082s similar to the way the 2.71 HEND one did. If the PSP was an 079 it would continue on like normal. It would not continue without patching if the motherboard required it. However the HEN to run this downgrader rewuired an unpatched copy of GTA LCS.

To fine out if you PSP is an 082 or an 079, or if ur GTA LCS is patched or or not see:

Hacking PSP for noobs!! on

Using a TA-082+ Compatable Downgrader will Patch Your Motherboard, with a Downside, as there is no patch at the moment, You will not be able to Update to any sony Firmware Higher than 3.30

How to tell

Backup Link

TA-082 Downgraders

For 2.71 andHEND

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