PSP (Play Station Portable)

PSP (PlayStation Portable) is a popular console designed to play games, videos, music and store pictures. It was 1st released in 2005 and is still commonly used today. Although Sony is the one who created the PSP, they are making it unpopular due to the production of firmwares which blocks games from operating from the memory stick. Not to mention, Nintendo, another games company, in pastimes, was not as popular as Sony but of course this has changed. This is a result of PSP hackers such as Dark AleX trying to unlock the psp by making custom firmwares. Obviously this is leading to a conflict between Sony and the PSP hackers.

PSP has many different types of entertainment. It has been quite successful for over 2 years now and is ran using the motherboard TA-082 The PSP can act like a mp3 player by playing music and also supports the use of earphones. Although it cannot play mpeg or avi etc. videos, there is a program which can reformat the videos into the mp4 format so that it can be played in the PSP. Not to mention the PSP can even be used as a USB memory despite the fact it has little memory(8Gig is not that much). But this is just some specific points about the PSP. It's main role is to play games and this is what makes the PSP very popular. Of course, on the other hand, this reputation has been ruined.

The PSP was a popular console until Sony made firmwares to block games running from the memory stick and ruined its reputation. Nintendo in the past did not have the popularity which Sony had. This is evident when the Gamecube, Nintendo 64 and the Gameboy are compared with the Playstation 1 and Playstation 2. However the Playstation could play games which are also very popular on the pc such as Vice City and San Andreas. On the other hand compare the recently created [[console]]]. When a person upgrades to Sony's official firmware particularly 3.50, this makes the person unable to play any games and might even throw away their psp and buy a NDS instead.

Dark AleX is considered an evil person by Sony, however this is very ironic. The locking of playing games from the memory stick has caused many people to drop their psp and buy another console. Dark AleX is stopping all these droppings by creating custom firmwares and thus make people enjoy their PSP. He decrypts sony firmwares in order to create the OE which runs like devhook except also has the functions of the new firmware. It is quite amazing what results you get if you compare a 3.40 psp and a 3.40 OE psp. 3.40 psp cannot play any games since they're all blocked by the sony's DRM settings while 3.40 OE can play heaps of different games from the memory stick.

The conflict between Dark AleX and Sony has also caused people to think don't buy the psp. In other words, with all this conflict occuring, why would someone buy a psp and join this conflict? What if Sony catches people trying to decrypt their firmwares? As you can see, there is no such conflict such as this occuring within Nintendo. In fact, the only main reason the DS is more popular is because it has less technical objects such as homebrew, positioning of games in the memory stick. The only thing DS really needs is the Flash cart making it an easier and more reliable console to use. The psp on the other hand requires homebrew to operate properly and run games with no problems.

PSP can play games, videos, music and even be used as a USB memory. But if sony continues their production of unnecessary firmwares then perhaps the history of the PSP will be over. We should be celebrating to have Dark AleX on our side to help us enjoy playing our PSP and not run into problems of being unable to run games.

As a result

As a result, Sony has lost its reputation by a great deal, and is now depending completely on the PS3 to recover from all their losses. This is due to less people buying psp's or people giving back their psp after using it for a few days. This in contrast, also explains why the ps3 is very expensive relative to the Xbox360 or Xbox Elite. Sony needs to make the ps3 more expensive if they are to recover fully. Nintendo on the other hand has become more popular than sony with its Wii and its NDS.

Get out bricked/CE PSPs!

Pandora's Battery is now out and can boot any PSP off the memory stick, regardless of firmware or even no firmware (brick)!

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Dark Alex has left homebrew, please refer here


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