Playstation is a name which is in many different consoles. It's name means a station to play in. Here are the commonly known Playstations.


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The oldest Playstation console. It is not common anymore because the PS2 has replaced it. PS1 games however are now also played in the newer Playstation systems particularly the PSP. The PS1 os often called PSX, but that is incorrect since the PSX is a seperate system, see here for details.


This Playstation is the most common one. Although the PS3 is out and although the PS2 is old, it is still the most commonly used Playstation. This is because most PC games are all games originally made for the PS2.


The newest Playstation console which has only been released in 2007. Although it is the newest console, it is still not as commonly used as the PS2 mainly because of its price.

PS3 Threat

Yeah PS3 is expensive, and I not not wasting money on a system where Sony threatens anyone who tries to get the most out of. I only buy systems where I can Backup my games! — MPG


All the consoles here can be modded for homebrew or Backup Games except the PS3. The PSP is popular because of it's ability to run third party software without the use of a modchip. However, since the PS1 is old, there is no point since once can play the games portably on a PSP portably (or an a chipped PS2, and possibly PS3 in the future*). It is better to get a modded Xbox than a PS2 because Xboxes already have Hard Drives, which can easily be replaced. The PS2 needs a network adapter for the hard drive and still needs a modchip, where the Xbox can be softmodded, like the PSP.

  • * Unmodded PSP and PS3 can play PS One games, but there is DRM which makes it pointless.
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