Peer-to-Peer Networking (P2P)

P2P is a way if distributing files. Opposed to a central server resources like CPU/RAM/Bandwidth are shared. P2P stand for Peer to Peer, in which people on the network are peers. Peers means equal and since people are uploading and downloading off each other they are equal. Torrent is P2P that operates a little differently.


People are bitching about copyright and owner's of "Intellectual Property" getting $Paid$. If one downloads copyrighted material over P2P or any other protocol then this is considered Warez. A user downloading a song off P2P/Torrent instead of buying the CD and ripping or using a Digital Audio store violates copyright. For more info about illegal distributing of files see Warez

Counter Argument

Legal stuff can also be distributed over P2P, an examaple is Linux is not tied down by copywrong and Ubuntu ISO's are distributed over the Bit Torrent Netowork.

Also there are reasons why people do it, For why see the Warez article.

See the "Leave us Alone!" talk section comment by MPG


Sometimes is can be slower or not go at all if there are no users on, for example someone can upload a torrent file but there could be no seed(er)s or software like Ares can find a hash link to a file but if could be gone.

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Leave us Alone!

First they take down MP3 sites, so we have to use P2P, and now they try to stop that! If you interfere w/ one p2p app, we just find another! Shouldnt the FBI,etc be focused on hunting down Osama, instead of wasting time chasing after innocent people within their own country! FTPs are becoming popular too!

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