Custom Firmware

CFW (Custom Firmware) is modified firmware for PSP. It is kinda like what FlashMe is for NDS.

It runs homebrew and mounts ISO.

3.40 OE is like 3.40 except its runs homebrew and has a built in ISO loader. 3.5x M33 is the same as 3.5x (3.51, 3.52) but is also runs homebrew and ISO.

It has all the features of the version it's made form/named after (2.71 SE for 2.71 [2.71 runs it anyways, but for 1.5 homebrew you need to run Devhook which is a 2.71 homebrew, to run that you run HENC] 3.03, 3.10,3.30,3.40,3.51,3.52]), but all the exploits of 1.5. When installing you need both the original firmware's Eboot and 1.5 Eboot files, unless you use an Easy Installer*. MPG'z* Eazy Installer can be found on and PSP Guides

  • MPG spells it Eazy, after Eazy-E and it is Gangsta like he is!


OE Stands for "Open Edition" as it is open and unlocks/opens the PSP. There currently is 3.02 OE [and revisions], 3.03 OE [and revisions] and 3.40 OE. Most people have 3.03 OE-C [Long name "3.03 Open Edition Revison C" 3.40 OE was the last version after Dark AleX quit.

Dark AleX, the maker of OE likes the word "Revision", he even use it in the days of HEN, ex HENC 's Long name is "Homebrew Enabler Revision C"

On top of the 3.xx OE, there was also a 2.71 SE [and revisions]. This is what started it all, however 2.71 is already open thanks to HENC and Devhook. But OE is still a preferred path.

OE/SE/M33 are commonly known as "Custom Firmware" and sometimes "Hacked Firmware"


Since Dark AleX quit there are new CFWs coming out to replace OE. Like M33. M33 is the same thing as OE but named M33 and made by the M33 team instead of Dark AleX (Unless he is PSP hacking secretly to avoid trouble with The people trying to kill PSP.

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