NDS stands for Nintendo Dual Screen. It was called this because the console because it has 2 screens. Is is a Portable Video game system, rivaled by the PSP. It can play GBA games/Roms. It cannot play GB/GBC carts but can play their Romz via Flash Carts.

New Features

  • Touch Screen/2 Screens
  • Microphone
  • Backlight (GBA SP had, but GBA didnt…)

Hacking NDS

Hacking the NDS for the first emulator.

Playing Roms

One can use a GBA flash cart but they need a Super Key or have the FlashMe firmware installed. Without that the DS will go into GBA mode and NDS Romz wont show up and the features listed above (except backlight) wont work.


WTF????? The image is gone!!! <— Was it PSP888 who said this? U never signed!


Maybe the link is now broken or the site has hotlink protection, did you see it before?
Wait, found http://www.ndsemulator.com/img/gen001760.jpg if u search ujp gen001760.jpg we are number one since we have that image! So the link on http://www.planetgamecube.com/media/gen001760.jpg is gone, funny psp.stm-gaming is down (expired) and so was psphomebrew.net for a while, September must be domain renew season and sites (or the providers) that arent up to date might have issues. Anyways keep the http://www.planetgamecube.com/media/gen001760.jpg link in case it comes back but well use http://www.ndsemulator.com/img/gen001760.jpg for now, I think it's smaller though! MPG

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