Ms DOS, usually called Cmd (Command Prompt), is designed fix any problems a computer has. Command prompt is used in Windows. To view IP settings, you can use this by typing ipconfig while in the cmd screen. (For privacy reasons, a picture of this while ipconfig is typed cannot be shown as the IP would be shown out to anyone who reads this article)

There are other functions such as dir to show a directory. This directory can be changed by typing cd (Name of the new directory). However if you want to change drives, you need to type x: first (x is the drive you want to change to).

Ping is used to see if you can connect to a certain network. It is also used to indentify local computers. However hackers have used this to slow down people's network. There are many different types of pinging. To view different types of ping's just type ping on the cmd screen.

Shutdown is simply another way of shutting down a computer. This is used to shut down a computer if the shutdown button doesn't work for some reason. Typing Shutdown will give you different types of ways of shutting down your computer. Press Shutdown -t xx (xx is the number) will just log you off. To actually turn off a computer, you must type shutdown -m \\computer name, and this can also shut down any LAN computers as well if you type their computer name.


psp888 - Hey everyone, feel free to add any new functions you know in cmd.

MPG Good werk! Still, I get the impression that MS-DOS is an acessory to Windoze, which is false, it is its own OS (kinda like having 2 OSes on ur PC), now a days it is, but before XP (or was it 2000) or even before Windows all together, it was its own OS!!!

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