MPG's Computers

Pentium III IBM

IBM Personal Computer 300PL
256 MB Ram
Pentium III 677 MHz CPU
20 GB Hard Drive (Ubuntu)
120 GB Hard Drive (Windows XP)
Centrios USB 2.0 Multi-Plus Card Reader Writer 4415008, card reader for PSP[MG, xD, Secure Digital [SD], MMC, and more! (Moves around but is usually on this PC)

Acer Laptop

Archive of MPG's Message from No Rulez thread

I got a LapTop now! Acer Aspire 9410, Dual Core 1.73 Ghz, DVD Optical Drive [Is Optical drive a fancy work for burner?] the available vRAM was like 200 MB, more than enough for San Andreas which only needs 64 [I have to copy the CD, I think it has copy protect cuz it still asks for to put in the CD, but thats on the Family PC and the CD didnt burn right :(. 1 GB of normal RAM. 260 GB HD split into 2 70 GB partitions, I think the Acer software needs the D:\ partition for a temp working disk so I dunno if I can put Linux on there when I ran the thing to make the factory default disk it said there wasnt enough space on D:\, so after deleting the partition I remade it and hope it will work!

Old Seanix Pentium MMX

Archive of MPG's Message from No Rulez thread

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