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MPG is the admin of BWE. (Adding of BWE since I am linking here from other sites from where I am not admin!

He owns this Wiki and you!

List of MPG sitez
No Rulez
This Wiki,


You may Contact him by the means on This page!


MPG is also part of many forums. You may find the list on No Rulez here! He is a moderator currently at and PSP Guides. Although the first site where he became a mod was at PSP Guides, was a very important part since that site steamed off of it! Later when he contacted the admin at mods were made, making the second forum!

Forum Name

He uses the name "RealG187." Sometimes on IPB he will set is display name to "MPG a/k/a RealG187"


MPG is also the extension for MPEG video files. MPG's name has nothing to do with this, he only realizied this after, it comes from a time before computer videos [there were animation AVIs, but that's about it..]

What MPG really stands for

Go over to No Rulez and look at any of his posts where is says his name!

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