A modchip is a computer chip put into a video game console to bypass the BIOS in order to remove the DRM to allow the execution of homebrew software and Backed Up Games from a Hard Drive or a burned disk (such as CD-R or DVD-R.


The companies who make consoles complain about modchips complaining that they lose money. However, a person has the right to backup a game, and when a person doesn't have to buy the same game six times, they are not losing money, just not gaining money they didn't earn. People have the right to do as they please with their systems and the right to backup. The modchip removes something that violates the consumer's rights and that shouldn't be there. It makes the console act the way it should. People should not need modchips to run homebrew, modchips would not exist if there was no need for them

List of Modchips and their systems

PS1 — Name Unknown
PSX — Unknown if there is one
PS2 — Name Unknown
PS3 — Does not exist at current time
Xbox — Xecutor (Xecutor 2)
Xbox 360 — Name Unknown
Nintendo Wii — WiiKey and another one (Name unknown)
PSP — UP (Undiluted Platinium), all though once can just install CFW

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