The word Matter can have several different meanings. However it's primary defination is anything which has particles in it. Particle is another word for atom. Matter can be in 3 forms, solid, liquid and gas and is made up of atoms. Remember that sound can only travel through matter.

When in solid form, matter is held very tightly and can only vibrate. These particles do not shift around. When solid is placed in a container, it will not change shape and also if the mouth of the container is too small, it will be rather difficult to be able to place it in. These particles are separated by breaking or cutting the material apart. Because the particles are packed together so tightly,

In liquid form however, the particles can shift around the matter and this is what causes it to be runny. When you place liquid into a container, it fills up whatever shape the container has. This is because the particles are not tightly help together and thus can move around unlike the solid.

Gas is perhaps the particle with the most movement. It spreads around the whole space it can go into. It can be easily moved by waving your hand and the gas will follow the direction of your hand.

Note that the state of the matter are controlled by temperature.

Other meanings

Matter is also commonly used in the phrase "It doesn't matter". This phrase means that don't worry about a certain thing, it will not affect something.

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