Linux is an open soruce system. The Linux Kernel was made on 1991 by Linux Tarvolds. It was basically a clone of the kernel Unix used update for the 1900s and x86 architecture. Later it became more popular. Someday it will replace Windoze.

It basically is a Command Line System (Like what MS-DOS is), under the hood and over top of it there can be a GUI, from which each distro picks.

Linux is free, but it is more than free. Not jut in terms of money (shipping charges may apply, Ubuntu Shipt/Kubuntu Shipit dont cost anything, or most distros have free (legal) ISO images for download) but also in terms of freedom, one can do whatever the phuck they want with it! They can modify it. Some charge for it and some programs cost money (Nero Linux. Cedaga, Linux XP).

Linux to the main stream

Ubuntu is really getting out there, being sold in stores like Windows. Although Linux is meant to be free, it is cheap and you are supporting a great cause. Hopefully awareness goes up.
Best Buy to Sell Ubuntu
Linux Computers Coming to Wallmart for cheap since the OS is free!

Architectures it Can run on

Playstation 3
Nintendo DS


Can Linux run on my Computer? (Old No Rulez thread)

This is a thread about getting Linux on a computer, for other devices see Here!!….

x86 [Normal] PC
64 Bit PC [W/ a 64but CPu, what ever that is]
PPC [Macintosh, G3, G4, G5, etc]
Possibily older Macs [DSL or lightweight distros]

More Info


How to find out what Kernel you are using


DOS and Windows 3.1 being emulated in Linux. Fedora7_gnome_desktop.jpg

"In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?"

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