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A "JigKick" battery is a battery for PSP that makes the PSP enter Service Mod booting off the Memory Stick and not the flash0. It starts low-level firmware (no xMB) used to install firmware over bricked PSP or to downgrade/hack a PSP with a high CE firmware. The jig was a battery that only Sony possessed to to fix broken PSPs but once they accidentally send the jig and memory stick back with a PSP and thats when we found out how they did it. In a video on the internet some guys used this jig and downgraded to 2.71 from 3.50 (before the Lumines 3.50 Exploit! In ASCII the text OK appeared and the PSP was rebooted to 2.71!

Pandora's Battery

The memory stick used contained copyrighted software by Sony and nobody knew the secret of the jig. This is when a whole lotta PSP Hackers made Pandora's batter and magic memory stick. Oposed to using msipl.bin they made a homebrew program to pull the files outta a 1.50 eboot (Similar to newer downgraders* and OE installers). They also made a launcher to convert any** PSP battery to a service mode one battery a/k/a Pandora's batery. The magic memory stick had a different low-level firmware made more for the PSP Hacking/Homebrew community, it even allowed backing up and restoring to/from the Magic memory stick.

  • * Old downgraders needed firmware dumps which were illegal, the TA-082 downgrader was one of the first to use eboot
  • ** Some cheap batteries dont work

Even works on Slim PSP (QJ)

Physically Modifying the battery

If users dont have access to a PSP with CFW then they can try this. Not sure if this is a Jig or Pandora. (see next section)

Jig Vs. Pandora

Before Pandora's Battery came out Jigs existed as toold by Sony. The term Pandora's battery could mean any battery modifed by software (the battery above hence would not be), or any battery modified by any means/not official Sony tool in that case it would be. Either way Pandora's battery and jigkick so the samething and are good for the PSP Homebrew community.


Apparently Datel (Maker of Go Max and Wifi Max have Cloned Pandora's battery:


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