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More Evidence it iSucks

The second issue is multiple computers and multiple iPods. And for me, multiple operating systems. So, I've ripped my 2000+ CDs into Apple's format and put them on one of my computers. I move some over to my iPod. Hmm. What if I want to move them to my other computer or Mini? You can't copy from the iPod to a computer, apparently because Apple is in fear of Copyright issues. Okay, there used to be third party products that could help you out here, but the latest update to the iTunes and iPod software deliberately break that. Oh-oh. Apple's not going to allow customers to do what they want to do with music they have fair use rights to (heck, what if it were something even more simple, such as a recording I made with Belkin's input device directly into my iPod? Is Apple protecting me from my own Copyright?). Sorry, but this again shows a disdain for what the customer thinks or wants to do. Long term, that will come to hurt Apple, because… …with the Mini I want to move stuff off it temporarily and move new stuff on. Obviously, as it only has 4GB of space and I've got 40GBs of MP3 files. Now if I do this on my host iTunes machine at home, I'm all set (well, not quite—building a Mini's worth of selections out of a year's worth of tracks isn't exactly intuitive, simple, or logical the way Apple's implemented it, but that's another story). But if I'm traveling (and I travel a lot, which was one of the things that attracted me to an iPod), I'm SOL. I can't move the stuff off to my Powerbook, I can only overwrite it from the Powerbook, which means I then have to keep all the music I might want on my portable computer, which is a big waste of storage space. Beyond that, copying the tracks from my desktop to my Powerbook iTunes is simple and not broken in the OS, so why the restrictions in the iPod to Powerbook?


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