IP stands for Internet Protocol. This is very important to understand because all computers must have this. IP is really similar to that of a house and its address however the IP refers to the computer's address in terms of the internet. It is numbers usually in the format xxx.xxx.x.xx. There is always 4 sections but the number of digits can very.

Computers in a LAN system generally have similar IP. The 1st 3 sections usually have the same figures, only the last section differs. This is because LAN computers tend to use the same internet and are close to each other.

It is very important to keep your IP to yourself. Only show it to people who also use your computer regularly or people who have computers in your local area network or perhaps people who are trying to fix your computer. This is because when showing your IP to someone else, they might use command prompt or other programs to invade your computer and maybe even throw viruses into your computer. Keeping your IP to yourself is easy, just don't tell random people it!

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