The iGo is a power adaptor. The way it works is you get a "tip" for a device (ex PSP, NDS) and put the tip into the device's AC input. You then plug the tip into one of the three iGo acessories:

iGo Everywhere

The iGo everywhere is a device that takes two "AA" batteries and an iGo tip. The device that the tip is plugged into gets powered/charged off the power from the batteries. This means you can power devices off batteries. Ex your PSP's battery is dead but you have "AA" batteries. Or if you need to get a new battery (even rechargeable batteries will lose their charge and need to be replaced) but they don't make it. Example Nintendo no longer makes batteries for the NDS (Non-Lite), so one may use an iGo everywhere to use normal "AA" batteries with it.

iGo Auto

This does powers devices from a vehicle's Cigarette Lighter jack. This is handy if let's say you have a PSP and a NDS and you are going camping and don't have access to AC power, but you do have access to car power and you can't decide whether to get a car adapter for the PSP or the NDS. Provided you already have the tips, you can get the iGo Auto and use it for both

True Story
I already had the iGo Everywhere for the day my PSP and NDS batteries went and I was going on a camping trip and needed a car adapter for either my PSP or my DS. I already had the tips for my iGo everywhere, so I just got the iGo Auto and had for both. I even got the Splitter go I could use two tips at once.

iGo Splitter

Using the iGo you may have on tip on at a time and if you want to use a device that uses a different tip you "just switch the tip" (as the iGo slogan goes). However, there is an accessory called the iGo splitter that you plug into where you plug in the tip and at the end of the splitter is two cords where you can plug in the tips. This way you can use the same iGo product with a PSP and NDS without having to switch the tip, you even can do both at the same time!

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