Go Max

Oh yeah Go Max can be uses as a Jig!! — RealG187

The Go Max is a product made by Datel for the PSP. It lets users power their PSP off of three AAA batteries oposed to the Li On battery included with the PSP!


ALTERNATE ARTICLE (Too good for Worst Wiki Ever, is got vandalized by a n00b)

The Go Max is an accessory for the PSP made by Datel. It is described as a "reusable battery pack," since it powers the PSP off of three standard AAA batteries. This is handy for a backup solution, or If Sony stops making PSP batteries, since AAA will mostly be around forever..

Rechargeable Batteries

They claim that since they only run at 1.2v instead of 1.5, that you can not use rechargeables with the Go Max, but it has been done before…

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