Forums MPG is involved With

Here is a list of the forums I am a member of:

No Rulez "This forum! Here I am the sole owner, wizard (as Delphi call it), and Moderator", this forum is replaced by BWE and for PSP Stuff and PSP Guides are now the best forums! Forum made by MPG. No Rulez was a failure, so it's like this is the first forum he started.
PSPHOMEBREW.NET: This is the 2nd forum where I become a mod (No Rulez doesn't count, I own it, thats cheating!], however it was very important since it lead me to PSP Guides, with the admin MIA and fears of no one renewing the Domain, Spike created a new forum where I was mod, later on Paul would contact me assign mods and say the site will be up indiffidently.

PSP GUIDES: I was a mod at this site, see the above section for details! Promoted to admin!

MaxConsole: I am signed up here, nothing special..

RapDogs: Used to go here a while back, maybe when I get time.

Ubuntu Community: Linux 4 life! These forums are gr8 4 help! Ubuntu and other OS support.
Also on KFN (Admin of KFN see the section below if you want a link here and not just the initials, be aware of Champ03!!

Slyck: Where file sharer's meet! File Sharing forum

PSP-SPOT: PSP site, good community.

This one GTA forum, but I cannot say its name or URL (see below)


I have places a link in my sig to show my forums. As long as I do that, I will have ur link here! This is a mutual relation ship that links forums together!

Also for some forums I don't have links, reason is Champ03 follows me to forums and spams them and since we goto the same school we have the same IP address and I could get banned. The sites that have links are ones he knows about anyways, or the an agreement has been made with the management of the site (if you are from a site w/o link and want one, you must understand the situation. Contact me to get a link. Also if I am mod/admin then the site has a link.

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