FlashME is a modified firmware for the NDS. It is like what OE is for PSP. Supercard users can run their Supercard without it going into GBA without the use of a Super Key.

Since the NDS's BIOS is locked in order to modify the firmware a piece of metal must be stuck in the DS to complete the circuit. Once runs flashme.nds off thier Flash Cart while using the Super Key for the last time*, it insturcts the user to press "XBXB" and it starts at 0% and makes a steady pulse, when the circuit in completed the sound changes and the % goes up, once at 100% it makes a sucess sound and says it is safe to turn off, at this point FlashMe is installed and the DSes firmware has been sucesfully hacked.

Sleep Mode

When put into sleep mode the NDS screen flashes and it doesnt sleep until any cartridge is put into "SLOT 1". If there already is one then it wont.

A game will work or the Super Key*

  • Which is why the Super Key might be used after flashing, the benifits are still there, no Health and Safety Screen (Faster and less annoying boot, unless you get the "Stealth" version), can use any NDS pack, not just super key. Also WiFi works in multipalyer games ran off of Flash Carts.

The reason for this is, like when flashing, a circuit must be completed. Some users solder the inside to the circuit in completed and the DS thinks there is a cart in there.

Normal Boot

To get to the DS main screen and not run Flash Cart hold Select While booting. This is for the default version, there is a version where it boots to the DS main screen unless Select is pressed [Stealth and Non-Stealth No Auto boot versions are avaliable. If there is no Flash Cart present then the DS will boot normally, as it wont start a Flash Cart is there isnt one present to start!


Download it
Tutorial, Link to file broken, use above link
Good Guide with pictures

What else Flash Me refers to

Flash me is also a quote from VCS, station Flash FM said by Teri.

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