Flash Mx

Flash MX is a program designed to make flash files. This program is one of those in the Macromedia studio package which was made by Microsoft.It is quite complicated especially because of the use of actionscripting. There are lots of different codes which are needed to be learnt in order to make different types of flash games. However most pure animations do not need this.

Basics of Flash

These are all just basics which means they don't involve any actionscripting.

There are many different tools around such as the tools you see on the left bar. The Column on the top of the frame window is the timeline (It is obvious because it has been labelled).

Drawing pictures is dead easy, just use the tools given. There are tools such as straight line drawing, circle drawing, colour filling which are all similar to those functions in paint. However there are more colours to choose. You can also drag lines already drawn so that they match exactly the shape you want.

Creating different layers is important if you don't want to have your work all over the place or overlapping each other and cannot be separated. To create a layer, just simply right click the timeline and click Insert New Layer. To rename the layer, double click it and rename to whatever you want. Remember whichever layer you select is what you edit, so if you want to edit one layer, select that layer first otherwise when you edit, you're actually adding to the other layer and this will make things very confusing.

Tweened animations are used to make an object move around. To create a tweened animation, you need to refer to the timeline. Tweened animations are given to individual layers. So on the layer you want animated, you will see a black dot on the 1st frame (Well if you moved it, obviously it won't be on the 1st frame anymore). The 1st frame is the first column and it is labelled 1. Then on the same row, go to another frame, say 20, and right click it then click insert frame. Once done, then right click on one of the frames in the middle and click Create Tween motion. Once done, there should be a dotted line. Click the last frame (Or one in the middle if you want 2 animations at once) in that dotted line and then drag the shape you want animated. Then go back to frame one and test it. Press control enter if you want the actual flash version of it.

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