Flash Cart

A flash cart is a cartridge for a system, however instead of having games they either have on-board memory or slots for Memory Cards, ex SD.

In the memory/card things can me stored, mainly games (Roms), this is good since the games are on the native console and can use things like Linking, etc. Homebrew can also be stored, and so can Music and Homebrew players, like Moonshell.*

These are for GBA. For NDS there are also card or if u use a Super Card and SuperKey u store all ur stuff on the SD inserted into the GBA Part [Supercard], the problem is when u start the supercard since it is a GBA cart the NDS "emulates" GBA [switches to GBA] which disables things like touch screen, microphone, anything NDS has that GBA doesnt. This is where the SuperKey comes in handy, the NDS starts off that and stays in NDS mode, but it redirects to the SuperKey and the SD for all the data [files on SD].


Save Game Converter (Can convert game save from flash cart to emulator or vice versa!)
Kick Gaming Flash Cart Info Page

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