Fire fox is the best browser. It is more safe and secure than IE. It also isn't targeted by "toolbars" to annoy your browsing experience. Firefox is opensource like linux and can be used on linux, Windows, and Mac OS (The two evil OSes).

Here we see the Fox biting IE, as it does since it is better.

Firefox has way less errors and is just a better browser, IE Sux! When IE came it out it was a big advancement, but shortly after it had errors too.

Firefox has tabs, IE7 doesn't and some things are better.

Firefox can also have plugins and themez!

Use this

Blocks ads and spyware


Error 203 (When Installing Plugins/Themes)

Bassiclly clear the profiles

Linux users goto /home/"username"/.mozilla
and delete the firefox folder.

Export any bookmarks or other setting they will be deleted!.


Have you considered the problem with installing and running shockware player in Firefox. That's the problem I'm having now.

LOL, some people in my school h8 firefox n use IE instead 4 some reason…

:: They are noobz!!! I have flash on my FireFox portable for some reason… I have this EXE file that peps can run to put flash in, just run it and it goes like an install and then FF has it, at school I dont think it works, but I have flash on FF portable somehow…

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