An emulator is a program to run software for other platforms. The most common type are NES and GBA/NDS emulators for PC or PSP*

PSP cant emulate NDS

They run Romz of the games. For example get a Rom of a GBA game and using an emulator you can play that game on your PC or PSP

Romz can also be ran on Flash Carts, this really isn't emulation since if you run a GBA game on a GBA its the same system and emulation means running on a different system…

ROMs emualte the cartridges ROM chips, Battery (.SAV file) emulate the battery backed RAM of the chip, and Savestate emulate the RAM of the console as you are playing.


Emulators them selves are not illegal. ROMs themselves aren't illegal. Whats illegal is the stupid copyright, the emulator is not illegal unless you play an illegal game. There are few legal roms, homebrew roms. These are called Public Domain roms.

However, in most cases ppl dont bother with Public Domain roms and use the pirated games. It is debateable if you it's illegal to have a ROM for a game you own.

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