Evil DRM

DRM, Dats Real Messed or perhaps Dodgy rebelling media maybe even Dirty Rotten Maggots but whatever you can call it it's most commonly known as "Digital Rights Management". It is a contradiction of what they claim it to be. The name suggests it protects rights but it destroys them, since I have the right to copy a CD or DVD to my PSP or computer to watch and have the right to backup.

DRM on DVDs encourages people not to buy DVDs but just use P2P to and just download them instead since they are ready to be played portably and backed up!

Wikipedia supports DRM and facism.

Break DRM??

I think this works w/ Plays for Sure [WMA, ironic how DRM makes it not play!], my MP3 player plays them, but u need to use WMP to copy them over and in this process on the MP3 player it makes a good WMA with NO protection! Then I can just use a peogram to convert the WMA to MP3!! [my MP3 player is a flash drive so I can just go in my Audio Conversion app and browse my MP3 player, like a Floppy, CD, or Hard Drive…



DRM is so bad, even Microsoft Employees are switching to Linux (Kubuntu since it has no DRM (therefore is good!)
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This is the problem inherent in DRM. Those that buy the product are the ones affected, not those the DRM is designed to defeat.

you can bet that Ubisoft won’t be smiling at E3, and that they, and Direct2Drive, will continue to use DRM to annoy and inconvenience paying customers.


Okay so Try Media makes users activate games and if someone uses the same code they cannot play. But what if they activate to one machine and format it? Or want to use another, THIS IS JUST A NAG TO CONSUMERS!

DRM on Console

Youtube Video about Hitler **not** being the bad guy!


This is the only video I have seen where Hitler is the good guy.

There are definitly Nazi's here, but this time it's not Hitler, it's Micro$oft, if someone buys a console and yet pays for a live subscription (on top of their ISP who is the only person they should pay) then they should not get banned.

Live spelt backwards is Evil.

Some good


20th Century Fox recently announced that it will add a "Digital Copy" version of "Die Hard 4" to a two-disc special-edition DVD release, while other studios are also expected to embrace the concept.
The "Die Hard 4" Collector's Edition DVD release will feature a WMV version of the film that will allow consumers to transfer it to PCs and portable media players without breaking CSS copy protection. The DVD will contain two extra copies of the movie - one for the PC and one for portable devices. Detail...

Well WMV sucks and has bad support for Portable devices, This is a step…

Possibly evil chip (if it locks phones to one copy or prevents backup, unless they are talking about piracy like making fake devices, then that's good
"iPods and other MP3 players, mobile phones, software" But an iPOD is not an MP3 player cuzza it's DRM!

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Disk Swapping


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