For computer games that run off CD/DVD their is DRM that makes one put in the disk everytime they wanted to play. This was fine when ppl could burn copies of their games, but newer games don't work with burned copies or mounted Disk Images. Cracks have been made to resolve the problem of disk swapping. This is just another example of why DRM is bad.

Why is there disk swapping

The Companies that make the games implement this annoying system to prevent people from copying the games (Piracy). However this hurts the legitimate customer more). Since pirates can make a crack.

Why is it bad

Because if a person who buys a game gets their disk broken the DRM prevents them from playing the game, likewise making them insert the disk all the time puts more ware and tare on the disk than if they could keep the disk safely in the case and play the game. It is also annoying to have to put in the disk.

Encourages Piracy

This sounds weird, but for the legit customer to play their game if they break their disk they will need a crack. These cracks are made by pirates to this can turn legitimate customers to piracy.

Even the companies support NO-CD Cracks

DRM is bad, and here we can see one of the reasons, it makes software not work properly.


Most people will say just let the game run. The companies say no. In a perfect world there would be no need for copyright, or there would be but it would be fair to consumers and game companies alike, not just the companies.


This is not meant to condone piracy or anything like that. It's just that copyright is so one sided, I am standing up for rights.

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