Devhook is a homebrew program for PSP, it has been replaced w/ OE. However before the TA-082 downgrader Devhook was the only option since OE could only be installed from OE or 1.5.

It could be used to emulate firmware. If you firmware version didnot support certain homebrew, ex. HENC could only run about 1/3rd of homebrew, a user would simply emulate 1.5 and run the rest.

Or if you were at 1.5 and a game forced an update, you could emulate the higher firmware [GTA VCS needed 2.81, but still could run under 2.71 Devhook!].

It also lets users play Copied Games.

Devhook is pretty obsolete now, but if users don't wanna risk it… Or if Sony makes a new Motherboard like the TA-082 and even w/ homebrew downgrading is impossible, there will always be Devhook!

Alternate Article

Devhook is a program for the PSP. It lets users emulate/run custom firmware or firmware other than the one they have. It's mainly for users with the TA-082 motherboard to run version 1.5 and homebrews. It also lets user mount ISO images off their memory stick.

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