Dark AleX

Dark Alex is a person who hacked the PSP and helped Booster to make all the custom firmwares such as OE and devhook. He also made HENA,B,C,D and firmware downgraders, including the first TA-082 downgrader.

Quoted directly from Dark Alex, 3/7/2007

I've decided to cease OE development, and leave PSP scene.
The reasons are various.
One of them is the time it consumes, which i'm losing from other things.
The other is related to my security. I didn't like Sony menaces to PS3 hackers.
I think it is better to leave now rather than end paying the consequences.

Dark Alex has abandoned homebrew

As shown above, it appears Dark Alex has left homebrew. He states he is afraid of Sony's threats to hackers and doesn't want to go on with this before it is too late. It looks like a new person is needed to replace him otherwise homebrew might disappear forever.


Dark Alex Site
Dark Alex Site
Dark Alex Site
Dark Alex Site
Fake Dark Alex Site

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