A computer is an electronic device which is designed to compute. Compute is another word for calculate and this shows computers are also calculators. However, computers are usually not referred in terms of this, they are usually said to 'store information', 'play games', 'doing work' etc. Applications such as Flash MX, 3ds Max are not usually considered as a calculator because they don't calculate anything. They are programs which create media files. But there is a calculator which should come with Windows.

Components of a computer

The Tower is the most important component of the computer. It is the rectangular object which makes sounds when turned on. In fact it is the computer, this is where all the main parts of the computers are. There is the motherboard, the CPU, RAM, Graphics and Video card, Power supply, CD/DVD rom, Floppy drive etc. These components inside the tower each have different functions and they all make up the computer's main system.

The Keyboard is perhaps the second most important object. It is needed to have any action or change in the computer. It has the alphabet (not in order though) numbers and many symbols.

The moniter is also a very important part of the computer. It displays all the actions which is happening on the computer. If you want to see anything which is happening such as trying to edit this page, you must have a moniter to see any of this.

The mouse may seem very important, however it is not as important as the keyboard. The mouse really just relieves the pain of having to use the keyboard to scroll all over the computer using tab, alt-tab and other keys.

Speakers are optional. However, if you want any sound from your computer you must have it. Obviously it produces sound.

There are other components such as the modem because this is nessesscary to gain access to the internet. It is not compulsory however, a computer can work without the internet.

The Inside of the Tower

The Inside of the Tower contains many different components which make the computer work. The following are some of the most commonly known ones.

- Graphics Card renders binary numerials into actual graphics or pictures on the computer.
- RAM is used so the computer can render and load objects
- CPU is the how much of the maximum possible speed which the computer can load
- Sound Card is required if you want any sound on the computer. Having speakers is useless unless if you have this. But having the sound card is pointless if you don't have any speakers or ear phones.
- Motherboard is the main object which does all the functions mentioned above. The components mentioned above assist in doing the things in the motherboard.
- Hard Drive is needed if you want to store anything or even run anything on the computer.


Store Information

Computer is like a centre of storing all kinds of digital data. It is where all games, work files and other files are placed. USB memories are used to transfer them from one place to another. All digital information are in the form of binary.

Extra Info

OMG, this looks like My computer, except a little bit different and more powerful, my IBM is a P3 too!

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