Cognac is an alcoholic beverage. It is Brady named after it's region in France. Brandy is made by distilling grapes to a higher proof than wine. There are different Brands of Cognac. These brands are listed in the sections below.


Hennessy is probably the most famous Cognac. Lots of rappers talk about it, 2Pac often raps about) it:
Hennessy Remix F. Obie Trice, Original

In When I B on The Mic Rakim says "When it's ugly, then the club is lovely|Thugs be sipping Henessey and bubbly." He also did an ad for Hennessy.


Alize is a Mixed drink containing Cognac. Alize Blue also contains Vodka. in Say What You Say (Featuring Eminem) Dr. Dre says "Now anybody who knows Dre|Knows I'm about fast cars and Alize, partyin' all day|But I handle my business 'cause it's work before play"

Rémy Martin

Dr. Dre also references this brand of Cognac in Let Me Ride saying, "But before I hit the dope spot|I gotta get the chronic, the Remy Martin and my soda pop."


This brand doesn't really have any rapper support. *SEE TALK SECTION**

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I and writing this in the talk section cuz I can't easily say this in third person. I wrote it doesn't really have any rapper support because I have never heard it in any rap songs, and if I did I probably wouldn't know cuz I don't even know howto pronounce it. I have not heard it in songs like I have with Hennessy, Alize, and Remy. However, I am still listing it because it seems to be a major brand. It was on the menu in the restaurant and I seen it at the LC (Liquor Store), actually at this particular LC they had Courvoisier and Alize but not Henney, which is weird since it's the most common brand!

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