Champ03 (also goes by Champ03.1, Champ08, Champ06, Harleysgotit (1 post on is a serial spammer who spams forums. He is a school friend of MPG who has been causing trouble since day 1. He stole his hat in Kindergarden

MPG's quote on the incident

Hey, Dat bitch took my hat!

He is also known for his work on the discovery of the Temporary Account. Along with MPG and two others.

IP Address

Champ's IP will apeear the same as MPG's (Realg187's) on some forums. This is because they goto school together and post both post at school… CHAMP IS NOT REALG187!!!!!!


MPG was banned off one site cuzza Champ (Champ wasnt banned for some reason). When Champ made his way to maxconsole MPG feared the worst and made a sig, on August 15, 2008 it was removed due to Champ being banned at his request.

Here is the old BB Code of that sig:

[quote="Gin" Rummy-- The Boondocks]The evidense of absence is not the absence of evidence.[/quote]

[b]Champ[/b]: I know this guy, he goes to my school [which is why we have the same IP!]. He lieing, he doesnt even speak Russian, he just uses a language converter.....

I understand if u ban my school's ip and HIS account, not mine and just lave my home ip on.... If u look this account has no spam, my home IP has so spam either...

My brother..

[url=]My Forums[/url]

[color=red][u][b][url=]PLEASE VISIT MY GAMING WIKI!![/url][/b][/u][/color]

PSP Guides, stopped rather quick my MPG
This really crappy site we will just call "*G Emo" where the first letter is censored but anyone who knows the site knows what I am talking about, Funny champ is acting gangsta there. He tried to imitate MPG to much… MPG was banned from site that earlier for no reason (possible discrimination, suspended for one week for an NWA pic and hated just because of who he was)

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