This Term CE (Closed Edition) was made by Smyth12. He used this Term in where he think is the best Forum PSPhomebrew.Net, also this is where (Keep scrolling down until you see one of Smyth12's posts which talks about CE) he placed this term. It is a play on words from OE.

The Term "CE" Refers To Sony's Evil Firmware, E.g. the latest Firmware 3.51 (Dman finally got Lumines downgrader and new Satan firmware out…). We (That is all the members of BWE) strongly advise to stay away from this Firmware. Many Noobs, unlike smart people, are on CE and some of them have thrown their psp into the rubbish bin. Smart people on the other hand are on Custom Firmware/OE.

CE is what Stops People Getting the best out of there PSP.
Sony Are Constantly Making CE Firmware, This is a Bad thing.

CE is not winning anymore :D

Dark Alex appears to have left homebrew as shown from reading his website. This means CE is going to take advantage of OE because sony now can make newer firmwares and therefore make the psp worse and worse. It looks like psp history is about to end unless if something else happens.


He says he quit for a number of reasons, the main one time, well he may do some hacking and come back after he gets back into PSP, like how Playssssstation pod leave psphomebrew.net but he is back and on PSP Guides as well!!!! If he fears Sony he will hack under a new name!!

Reason CE is not winning anymore :D XD XD :D

The reason is because of the pandora battery which can downgrade any psp whether homebrewed or not homebrewed.

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It terms out the term OFW is more used, however this was used first. I am thinking of making an article for both OFW and CE I think I will make an OFW page and CE will redirect there and I will take the stuff from here and modify it to suit the new artlce…

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