Bugmenot is a website that lists shared accounts for sites to by pass compulsory registration. For example you goto a site and it's like "You can't do xyz until to signup/signin", you then goto Bugmenot and you get an account and sign into it without having to waste time making one for one thing. For example This page has accounts for Youtube. SO you can sign in without having to make one.

Hidden/Obscured Password Scam

Bugmenot allows users to specify if an account works or not. However, some noobs say things like "Hidden Password, click yes to view" so that way it looks like that account works, but really the password does not show up as there is no such thing as a hidden password and the fake/not working account gets bumped up and people think it works. Whenever you see an account such as this click no, even post saying that it's fake!!

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