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psp888 - I created this page so that we can discuss about what new pages we should create and what pages we should edit. As more members join this wiki, it is important to create a discussion page so that people know what's going on and know what to do and don't do random stupid things such as editing pages so they are worse than before. RealG, make this page so that people can only delete the message they created themselves.

MPG Use the stub tag, click the tags button and type in stub….

Hey we need to make our articles longer, they're so short (Even though they're not stubbed)!!!!!!! I think we need more members in their 20's or 30's to improve our articles otherwise, people will think that it is ironic that this site is better than wikipedia. :S :S :S :S :S.

=( there's only 2 active members here, psp888, and MPG. Smyth12 and lyer hardly ever come here. =( I think we need other members to join this.

Also can you put in a article number count so we know how many articles there are in this wiki altogether?

MPG Goto the 7th option down to view all da pagez!


Heall yeah I can redirect now!!!

Forum Topic I made
Page the good sir gave me

[[module Redirect destination="PUT A URL HERE, to link to a [[[BWE]]] page go like this:http://bestwikiever.wikidot.com/whatever, this takes URLs for this [[[wiki|site]]] or any other site.

Please note I put the code in code tags (Wierd Wiki code combined w/ BB! Do not remove those tags or this page will be a redirect and be unviewable! Dont Phuck with this shit or get banned!
I may move this info else where, but since this pagg is here I will discuss!

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