SAV file (Battery Save)/Savestate

Save game for a rom in an emulator or Flash Cart. They are saved like in the game, for example in the real game if you walk into a savehouse and go up to your bed and press a and say u wanna save, this will write the the eeprom on the game's cartridge (which is battery backed, hence the name battery save) or in an emulator/Flash Cart it writes the battery file.

The ROM file emulates the cartridges ROM (Hence the the name ROM) and the .SAV file/battery emulates the cartridges RAM. These two files contain the files of the cart and virtually are the cart. Unlike savestates which are basically the RAM of the console as you are playing. The battery file can only be written you save so if a game requires you to reach a certain point (like your house, the next level/floor) etc, then you will have to do so, where are savestate can be saved at any time.

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